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Cool Beans is Eco-Friendly

1748 Eagan Rd, Madison, WI 53704

Comfort and Contemporary Style
At Cool Beans

LisaCome on in, grab a hot
latte, sit back and relax. Cool Beans Coffee Cafe is waiting to serve you. Located on the East side of Madison, WI, you will enjoy a variety of drinks and food within a warm, contemporary atmosphere. Cool Beans strives for excellence in food, drink, atmosphere and service.

The Cool Beans experience was designed with quality, comfort, and style built in. The interior design was created to evoke the ambiance of a trendy coffeehouse that blends comfort with contemporary style. The colors and style that surround you are relaxing and the natural light coming in their giant windows accentuate the wood floors and ceramic details. The fireplace keeps you warm and the velvety chairs ease tired bones.

Food, Drinks, Snacks and Entertainment
Opening on July 19, 2001, Cool Beans offers a delicious, unique and decadent selection of sandwiches, and dessert items. There are several great reviews on Cool Beans' salads and wraps.

Their menu also changes from time to time. New food items are always in the works and will keep you coming back to see what else is new.

If you like True Coffee Roasters, Cool Beans serves it up fresh and hot. If you have never had True Coffee Roasters coffee, it will become your favorite. Their smoothies are all natural and iced drinks are great on days when you just need to cool off.

Stop over to Cool Beans for an after-dinner or post-movie dessert and coffee. It's an alternative place to meet if you don't want to take up a table at a busy restaurant.

Meeting Room

Cool Beans offers a meeting room that is perfect for real estate agents, sales representatives, and other professionals that need a place to meet. This room is normally open for Cool Beans' patrons, but can be reserved and closed off for private meetings as well. Why not meet in a relaxing place outside the office?


You will find Cool Beans conveniently located near East Towne Mall, by the Princeton Club (which is also the name of a delicious turkey, avocado, and sprout sandwich of theirs). View this map for more detailed directions.