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1748 Eagan Rd, Madison, WI 53704

  Fresh and delicious selection of desserts and pastries.
Pastries & Desserts
  All kids meals served with snacks crackers and juice box of milk.
  Scone $1.75
  Filled Scone $1.95
  Baguette with Jam & Butter $1.95
  Organic Wheat Toast with Jam & Butter $1.95
  Cookie $1.25
  Desserts $3.95

Strawberry Smoothie
  A healthy alternative of all natural fruit juices and fruit sorbet.
  Cool Beans Classic
$3.75 14 oz.
  Mango Tango
$3.75 14 oz
  Peach Blossom
$3.75 14 oz.
  Blue Cow
$3.75 14 oz.

  Protein Shakes  
  Espresso Recovery
$4.25 14 oz.
  Banana Split
$4.25 14 oz.

Prices are subject to change. Please call to verify pricing.